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Tim LaBarge

I love watching the wedding day excitement build from the calm of morning coffee to the toasts and celebration on the dance floor.
Capturing images of that range of energy and emotion, all packed into one crazy day, is one of the most enjoyable challenges for me.

I’ve spent more than a decade photographing people for newspapers, magazines and businesses. Each assignment is a chance to meet some amazing person who has a story to tell. It’s a chance to step into someone’s life for a bit and capture little slices of their day that reveal who they are.

Weddings force all of that experience to kick into gear. I connect, adjust, adapt and make those story-telling images while sticking to a schedule that was months in the making.

When not making pictures, I spend my time with my wife Sara wandering around the great Northwest with our two boys. I enjoy being outside camping, trail running and cycling. I explore the Portland music scene when I can. And I love making pizzas in the earth oven we made out back. But truthfully, I usually have a camera on my shoulder when I’m doing all that. You never know when something cool is going to happen.

To see more of my work, visit www.timlabarge.com
And check out pdxcross.com, a project Rob and I started with a group of photographers that documents the region’s vibrant cyclocross scene.