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Paul and Meredith

A few weeks ago, I photographed a wedding celebration at Ponzi Vineyards in Beaverton, Oregon. Everything was absolutely perfect:

The couple, Paul and Meredith had smiles permanently affixed to their faces. A ladybug landed on Meredith’s dress right before the ceremony. Although it was a hot day, a cool breeze blew through the ceremony during the final prayer. The minister was a close family friend. Paul and Meredith’s tremendous happiness was infectious to all in attendance.

Paul is an organic farmer and the meal was not only incredible in culinary delight, it represented something more. It was a gathering of friends and family for nourishment in the same way those people help to nourish the beginning of Paul and Meredith’s life together. The vines and rolling hills contributed to that wonderful feeling. It really was a special thing to be there. Thank you Paul and Meredith, and congratulations!

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